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KORA 3 - a new line of leather haberdashery
KORA 3 This is the newest line of top quality leather haberdashery perfectly suited to products ...
Paris 4 - modern leather haberdashery
Paris 4 is a modern leather fancy giving great possibilities of application ...  
Tannery Lukowski is a family company with experience
founded in 1929. The company produces high quality leather goods products and shoe leather  and has a production capacity level reaching up to 1000 m2 per day
What do we do? 
Our skin is manufactured using 
advanced technology and consistently maintains the highest quality and standard. The company has a strong position in the Polish and German
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Zakład Garbarski Jan Łukowski, Sławomir Łukowski
Dziarnowska 69, 05-640 Mogielnica Polska

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